FIDS for Kids


At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, Golden Rule Project (GRP) partnered with Design For Change-US (DFC-US) to bring an exciting program to Utah as a pilot project. It is called FIDS for Kids and it's the Golden Rule in action.

An Innovative and Collaborative Experience

Design for Change equips young people to transform empathy into social action using 4 steps: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share. 

Educators use DFC to facilitate a design process that fosters empathy and student agency.

Students brainstorm, plan, and execute community change projects.

  • Who: Elementary and Middle school-aged students with an adult educator (teacher, parent, youth leader, coach, etc.)

  • What:Students work in teams to investigate social issues, brainstorm solutions, develop action plans, and implement their ideas. “Through” this process, they develop empathy, persistence, and resilience.

  • How: Educators guide students using the DFC methodology and dozens of free activities. Projects can range from 4 hours to weeks long.

  • When: Teams submit their projects to DFC by May of the current school year. Each team has the opportunity to be selected to represent the United States at the annual Design for Change Global Conference, held in a different country each year.

Our Approach 

    1. 1. We elevate the work of educators: Because we believe educators are designers, Design for Change equips all educators to be leaders in the design thinking process and provides them with tools, resources, training, and coaching in the DFC methodology.

    1. 2. We support student-driven social impact: Educators facilitate each stage of the Feel, Imagine, Do, Share process, enabling students to respond and take action on a local issue they are passionate about.

    1. 3. We connect to a global network: By participating in Design for Change, students join a coalition of young people creating social change around the world by designing solutions to address the UN Global Goals.

The Methodology


Teams gather information about a community challenge through research and interviews.


Teams work with community members to brainstorm points of possible solutions.


Teams develop and implement an action plan that results in lasting change.


Teams share their story to generate awareness and inspire others to act.


Here’s a video of Oakdale Elementary in Cottonwood Heights, UT sharing their FIDS project! Check out our blog entry here

Contact us for more information. Next training for teachers, parents, or adult volunteers will be around the beginning of September 2019.