Mindfulness & the Golden Rule

training teachers to be mindful and
incorporate mindfulness in their classrooms


Unlocking the superpower within us

Being mindful matters to our students, their teachers, and our communities! Studies have proven that meditation and mindfulness programs are powerful tools that calm students, increase their acuity, improve test scores, and provide a real opportunity to be kinder to classmates. The results from these studies motivated the Golden Rule Project to find expert partners to develop a six-week guided meditation and mindfulness program for teachers who would then turn around and teach their students. 

We are in the pilot phase of our Mindfulness Project. In 2018, we will train teachers at four schools. These teachers will develop their own practice and then in turn work with their students; guiding them in the concepts of mindfulness and meditation. By training teachers and then students to be more mindful, we hope to create an environment that is conducive to practicing the Golden Rule and increased kindness.