Education & the Golden Rule

By teaching and reinforcing principles of the Golden Rule, we empower communities to be kinder and more mindful

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Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world


- Nelson Mandela


Many of us learned a version of the Golden Rule (there are over 400) when we were little - in Sunday School or Sabbath School or other religious gatherings for kids. However, recently, we noticed that the majority of young people today do not know what the Golden Rule is, nor can they quote any versions.

So, for nearly 15 years, the GRP has been creating art projects, activities, lesson plans, and a magic assembly to teach the Golden Rule to young people - mostly through schools. More than 96,000 students have experienced the magic assembly. Over 110,000 students have used the printed materials and over 300,000 students have attended schools with Golden Rule posters in the classrooms.

Because the Golden Rule is universal, the GRP dreams of various elements of our lesson plans, activities, and printed materials going global. Today, we are creating new partnerships to help us spread the Golden Rule to young people around the world.

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Kindness Clubs & Golden Rule

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