For the past decade, the Golden Rule Project (GRP) has been encouraging people everywhere to remember and to practice the Golden Rule. 

All of us need to be reminded of the power of treating others the way we want to be treated. By practicing acts of kindness and compassion, and by being more empathic to those around us, we activate our hearts, elevate our lives, and strengthen our communities. 

The GRP is constantly seeking new partnerships to promote and spread the Golden Rule.
Please join us! 


Our Mission

The mission of the Golden Rule Project is to increase awareness and the practice of compassion, kindness, and peace by sharing the universal principle of the Golden Rule through education, programming, and partnerships. The Golden Rule Project is not religious, not political, and not associated with any agenda. We promote the Golden Rule as a basic human value.

“The highest aim and sense of human life is the striving
to attain the welfare of one’s neighbor . . .”
— G.I. Gurdjieff