Story Banking

Taking the time to think about kindness and the golden rule


Community Fairs, Farmer's markets, street festivals - we are here to gather your story and ideas

We are tapping into the commonality of our humanity to bring back the concept of how similar we all are, no matter the walk of life we have traveled, what our appearance or background is, what attracts us or upsets us.

Just as the Golden Rule is found in all religions and civilizations throughout time, our thoughts on kindness and how to nourish it in our communities are also similar. 

We are all the same!

How do we story bank?

We post a simple question, ask people to share their answers, stories, opinions, and ideas with us. We take a picture with their addition and then we create a collage/collection of those answers and post them on social media and our blog.

Rose Park Community Festival

May 2018

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Weber State Civility Quest CELEBRATION

April 2018

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