Rose Park Community Festival

Hello, hello!

We had a blast at the Rose Park Community Festival on Saturday May 19.

We were able to share about the Golden Rule and how by remembering to treat others as we want to be treated we are able to better our communities. It's not about tolerating, but about loving and caring your neighbor. That's what most people told us when asking them "How can we make SLC kinder?"

There's a special place for this festival in our hearts. This was our second year attending (they started the festival last year) and also our first outreach event of the year to kick things off for the summer.

Stay tuned for our blog posts on our other outreach experiences. We are always collecting stories as well as reminding whoever comes to our booth about the Golden Rule.

We hope we get to see you at any of our other outreach events during the summer!

Check out the photos we took. These are also on Facebook for those of you that would like to tag themselves.

Remember, kindness is only spread around us if we practice it.