Kindness Clubs in Schools

We were able to connect with three different schools in Utah that are practicing kindness and making it a priority to follow the Golden Rule. We loved what these schools are doing because they are showing that kindness in schools goes a long way, and kindness clubs can be a key component of that curriculum in any school.

We were able to document these 3 schools through the following videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

If you would like a kindness club started in your school or someone else's school, reach out to us. We have a whole format that can be followed as is, or you can tailor it in a way to make it fit better your school. We also have plenty of ideas for acts of kindness that your school can do, but we gotta tell you, the coolest, most interesting part about these clubs is that the students are the ones in charge of seeing what can be done to promote kindness in their schools. That empowers students to not only think and plan their ideas, but also execute kindness and put it into action and see the improvements they helped catalyze. What an experience, don't you think?

We hope you enjoy the videos!

Remember, we are all responsible to bring to life the Golden Rule, and that should always mean to act with kindness and compassion in our own communities. 

Daniels Canyon Elementary School

JR Smith Elementary School

Midvale Elementary School

Thank you for being an example of kind living.

We can all do our part. 
These kids are doing theirs.


Are you?

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