Recap on the Parliament of the World's Religions 2018

Wow, what a week!

We are so happy, and consider ourselves so lucky to have met so many of you during this Parliament. The connections, conversations, and ideas on how to spread kindness in the world were invigorating, as well as motivational, knowing that there are other’s trying to accomplish the same goal. Now we get to partner up and tackle issues together!

The plenaries were full of content to absorb, the people felt vibrant and full of love, and our sessions and panels turned out to be wonderful moments for us and our audiences. The Golden Rule is Magic, isn’t it!?

We ended up collecting 33 stories on
how people live by the Golden Rule.

(All photos available to download in our facebook album HERE)

202 acts of kindness were performed
thanks to our Kindness Chain.

And over 100 signatures to our Pledge~Petition~Proclamation!

None of these things would have happened, had we not had the amazing and inspiring conversations we had with you all.

We hope to keep in touch with everyone we met. We hope to create lasting partnerships that will allow us to spread the principles of the Golden Rule around the globe! Because we all need this message, and we know there are so many other organizations and institutions around the world with the same goal of bringing more love, compassion, and civility between us all.

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Have an idea for a partnership or project? Let us know! ! we are ready for more!!

Much love, from Susan and Felipe, the Golden Rule Project Team.

Parliament of the World’s Religions - Day 2

Day 2 was filled with fun things!


I (Felipe) was able to translate for a group of people from Mexico that came to show how they are changing the landscape in Santa Catarina, a city that previously was known for high crime rates, environmental and social issues. How are they changing it? By having the local government trained to put themselves in other’s shoes, and seeing how they can help satisfy the needs of underserved communities. They are an example of an incredible way to govern and care for those they lead, inspired by the Compassionate Cities program by the Charter for Compassion.

We attended the Banquet put on by the Charter for Compassion and that Susan, our own executive director, directed the planning and execution of it all. It was an inspiring evenings with encouraging talks on civility from minds worth admiring. All of the food was vegan and delicious, showing that we can show compassion to the animals of our Earth. Congratulations, Susan on a well planned and executed event for our partners at the Charter for Compassion!

Saturday we have our 1st workshop:

Compassionate Conversations that Includes Everyone: Based on the Golden Rule.
We are on at 2:15 pm in room 715A.
Hope you can join us!

Our booth has received so much love from so many people around the world. Our kindness chain keeps growing and looking healthy, and we’ve added more stories on how people live by the Golden Rule.

Here are some photos. You can check them out on our Facebook page as well, where you can download them and tag yourself if you are part of the ones that shared their story with us!

We’ll update you tomorrow with our daily Parliament of the World’s Religions post.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

with love and gratitude,

- Felipe.

End of Summer 2018 Outreach

Wow, what a summer we had!

We were able to partner up with many wonderful organizations, institutions, and events to spread the Golden Rule within their circles and attendees.

I’m always charmed by the fact that our booth gets so much love by everyone. It’s always refreshing to think about how to be kind and then share it with others.

We had different formats of doing outreach this year as we realized that each event had to be catered differently. This allowed us to explore more efficient ways on how our volunteers, staff, and resources were used.

We want to thank the Rose Park Community Council for the opportunity to have a booth at Rose Park Community Festival, the Salt Lake Downtown Alliance for giving us a space at the Downtown Farmers Market, Lululemon City Creek for allowing us to be with them at State of Mind: Yoga at the Capitol events, the Utah Pride Center for the fun time at the Utah Pride Festival, the Salt Lake Arts Alliance for inviting us to have a weekly booth at SLC Twilight Concert Series, the Greater Avenues Community Council for giving us a spot at the Avenues Street Fair, and the East Liberty Community Council for trusting us with a great booth at the 9th & 9th Street Festival.


people performed over 250 acts of kindness with our Kindness Chain activity!


We had over 100 pledges to remember to live by the Golden Rule, Spread the Golden Rule to others, and to use the Golden Rule as a standard when practicing our civic duties electing our representatives.

(You can sign the petition here)


And we collected over 50 stories with ideas on how to make our city and communities kinder

I love being able to hold a space for strangers to come in, think about kindness, put some energy to practice it, and then seeing how similar we all are when thinking on how to make our communities more loving and embracing peace. No matter the background, age, race, religion, etc. All answers tend to be sort of the same, because we are the same!

Something that keeps popping up after every event. We may take on different identities in our daily lives, and/or we might have identities attached to our physical appearance at all times, but when we strip down to the essence, we all end up the same: A living human being with valid feelings and emotions, because we truly are one!

Thank you to all who participated with us during this wonderful summer of kindness.

If you would like to download any of the pictures, head to our facebook page and go to the End of Summer Outreach album. Tag yourself and your friends, and lets keep building the kindness momentum that we need so much in our communities during such a divisive time.

Remember, we are the ones responsible to bring more kindness, consciousness, mindfulness, and peace in our communities.


Kindness Clubs in Schools

We were able to connect with three different schools in Utah that are practicing kindness and making it a priority to follow the Golden Rule. We loved what these schools are doing because they are showing that kindness in schools goes a long way, and kindness clubs can be a key component of that curriculum in any school.

We were able to document these 3 schools through the following videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

If you would like a kindness club started in your school or someone else's school, reach out to us. We have a whole format that can be followed as is, or you can tailor it in a way to make it fit better your school. We also have plenty of ideas for acts of kindness that your school can do, but we gotta tell you, the coolest, most interesting part about these clubs is that the students are the ones in charge of seeing what can be done to promote kindness in their schools. That empowers students to not only think and plan their ideas, but also execute kindness and put it into action and see the improvements they helped catalyze. What an experience, don't you think?

We hope you enjoy the videos!

Remember, we are all responsible to bring to life the Golden Rule, and that should always mean to act with kindness and compassion in our own communities. 

Daniels Canyon Elementary School

JR Smith Elementary School

Midvale Elementary School

Thank you for being an example of kind living.

We can all do our part. 
These kids are doing theirs.


Are you?