FIDS for Kids in Utah

This past school year, Golden Rule Project (GRP) partnered with Design For Change-US (DFC-US) to bring an exciting program to Utah as a pilot project. It is called FIDS for Kids and it's the Golden Rule in action. 

FIDS for Kids uses a four-step process to engage and empower students to find creative solutions to problems they see around them andthen make those changes. FIDS stands for: 

  • Feel—Kids observe issues in their school or community that bother them

  • Imagine—They interact with people to identify points of intervention and solutions

  • Do—They develop an action plan and implement it

  • Share—They document and share their story of change to inspire other students to create their own projects

In February 2019, we brought the Director of DFC-US to do the first training in Utah:

We had 17 teachers,
from 6 schools and,
3 school districts participate in the training. 

These teachers were excited about the potential of FIDS in their classrooms and all expressed a desire to take FIDS back to their students - if not in that current year, then in the coming year. Below are a couple of quotes from teachers who attended:

“I really like the FIDS program. It is an exciting new tool to engage and empower my fifth grade students.”
–Janet A.

“The FIDS training gave us a better understanding of how kids can be supported to solve world problems beginning as early as elementary school. Through the Feel, Imagine, Do, Share framework, students can identify needs in their own communities and make positive changes. This will support students to become leaders and change agents for bigger and more global challenges.”
–Lauren J.

GRP will be hosting another FIDS training in Utah this coming August or September of 2019, right at the beginning of the school year.

See below how Oakdale Elementary in Cottonwood Heights, UT did with their FIDS project!

Please contact us at if you are interested in attending the FIDS training. It’s a wonderful program that will let your students realize they have the power to create change and spread more kindness and compassion in their schools.