Utah Pride 2019

Hi! Happy Pride Month !

Golden Rule Project had the privileged opportunity, once again, to be part of the Utah Pride Festival with our booth full of activities and good vibes! We brought our famous Zen gardens salt circles, our coloring station to hang out and color our Story Starter Cards, the Kindness Chain, and collecting stories!

We made so many new friends, beautiful memories, great conversations, and moments of deep realizations.

Thank you to all that stopped by our booth! We hope that we were able to ignite the kindness fire within you through our many activities and conversations, and that you are able to now spread that fire throughout your circles and communities…!

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Our Salt Circles as always were a hit!

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Edited Pride 2019_084.png

Thanks to all that played with them…! Who could have thought that salt could be so fun?

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All photos are available on Facebook,

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Our coloring station

was filled with friends, great conversations, restful moments, and lots of coloring!

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Our Story Starter Cards were designed by a local Utah artist. These cards are part of the materials we supply to schools that schedule our magic assembly. If you would like to learn more about these exciting free school assemblies, please click here.

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All photos are available on Facebook,

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155 Acts of Kindness

Our kindness chain was a huge success!

Kindness chain Pride 2019.png

We were able to perform 155 acts of kindness thanks to everyone that wrote something, and then went out and shared their acts of kindness! Kindness in action is so important to show what we can do if we take the time to think of how to apply the golden rule to our every day lives.

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We were able to collect 63 stories !

This time we asked people to finish the sentence: “I live the Golden Rule by…” and just as always, this little social experiment of ours always proves to us the same thing... 

We ask all these people -from different backgrounds, religions, cultures, races, sexuality, cities (and even states and countries!), that look all different and stand for different things and have never met - how can we live our lives with more kindness? How do we bring more kindness into our communities? What’s the definition of kindness and compassion? etc… All these questions come to our minds as we reflect on how “treat others as you want to be treated” is reflected in our behavior. If you look at the answers, they all turn out to be pretty similar! Kindness and compassion are the same to all of us. Why not practice it more? It brings us all together with one common feeling… of hope and joy. 

All photos are available on Facebook,

click here to access the album!

I want to give a special shout out and big thanks to the volunteers that helped me throughout the day in this wonderful celebration of love! Dede, Claudia, Van, Cinn, Adam, and Hanna! You guys rocked it! Thank you for helping this booth do what it’s meant to do: Bring awareness of the commonality of us all! It is because of your work that we were able to spread kindness in our beloved city, in an incredibly loving and motivated community. Your work will spread as the interconnectedness of us and will continue to flourish through sharing compassion and kindness as you did with the people you interacted with. And for that, you should be pretty happy! :)

Thanks to everyone that made this day possible!

With lots of love and the good kind of #Pride,

-Felipe and the GRP Team