Golden Rule Day 2019 Recap


For a second year, Golden Rule Project was part of Golden Rule Day - a 24-hour webinar filled with videos of all kind: stories, interviews, meditations, songs and other performances from around the world - all focused on the Golden Rule, kindness and compassion.

Everything is still online for people to watch
at and our YouTube channel.

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Golden Rule Day 2019 focused on caring for self, caring for others, and caring for animals, and caring for the planet. All submitted videos included one or more of these areas. 

Care for self - Golden Rule Day 2019
Caring for others - Golden Rule Day 2019
Caring for animals - Golden Rule Day 2019
Caring for the planet - Golden Rule Day 2019


Golden Rule Day 2019 was comprised of 220 videos from 42 countries. 

  • One video was a Zoom meeting with four young women in South Africa discussing the importance of the Golden Rule and caring for the environment. 

  • Two videos were submitted by the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan that included a prayer for the earth. 

  • Several videos were submitted by vegans and animals rights activists encouraging people to include animals when thinking about compassionate eating. 

  • Powerful meditations were peppered throughout that focused on caring for self and others. 

  • Many videos were submitted for the Voices of the Land segment where the rights of indigenous peoples to their land, languages, and traditions were highlighted.  

  • Reggae artist Pato Baton shared a rehearsal video of a new song he has written about the Golden Rule.

  • And more than 200 other videos were part of Golden Rule Day 2019.


First, many thanks to everyone who submitted videos for Golden Rule Day! The response was heart warming and life-affirming! Thanks to the Planning Partners who made it all possible: Charter for CompassionGolden Rule ProjectGrandmothers’ Global HealingPragati Leadership Institute, and United Religions Initiative. And a big thanks to the SINE Network for all of their help promoting Golden Rule Day 2019!
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Total Views - 1,188,955 (Still growing)

69,728 - Japan / New Zealand / Australia

210,300 - Journey through Asia

188,244 - India / Pakistan

111,998 - Middle East

35,243 - Europe

171,540 - Africa

139,171 - Spanish Segment

17,219 - North America Part 1

30,142 - Voices of the Land

39,358 - North America Part 2

374,552 - International Finale