Golden Rule Project at Downtown SLC Farmer's Market

Saturday June 23 welcomed us with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and a booth to enjoy conversations on the Golden Rule and how to create a kinder Salt Lake City, Utah at the Downtown SLC Farmer's Market.

By the Numbers:

15 answers

We were able to collect 15 different answers to our question "How could we make SLC a kinder place?" from people of different ages and backgrounds, and as it always happens, the answers were similar in many ways. Look at people in the eyes, help the homeless, love yourself. (Photos at the end of this post, and on Facebook here)

25 acts of kindness performed

They were committed and done by people of all ages and backgrounds, with also similar acts: Help/feed the homeless (and their dogs), give a genuine compliment, or be nice to a stranger.

17 pledges

Make it known that you are committing yourself to remember to live by the Golden Rule, spread it to others, and use it as a standard when practicing your civic duties. If you haven't signed our Pledge~Petition~Proclamation yet, I invite you to do so. For more info, click Here.

Thank you Downtown SLC Farmer's Market for the chance to be there. We thank Alicia, our newest volunteer for helping at the booth and allowing our safe space to flourish for others to enjoy thinking about how to be kind, you did fantastic! And to Gabe, for helping with the packing once the Farmer's Market was over.

I'm grateful for this experience. I'm happy to be reminded that there are others that want peace and kindness to rule in our communities as well. But mostly, I'm always in awe at the Golden Rule and it's ever present existence. It is everywhere. We just gotta remember it.

We'll be at the Downtown Farmer's Market on July 8th, and then in September we'll be at Logan PrideAvenues Street Fair, and the 9th & 9th Street Festival. If you think we should bring our booth to another festival/fair, let us know. We'll be glad to check out more opportunities to spread the Golden Rule.

Remember to share this. Kindness in our communities can only flourish with our own efforts.

with love,