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The latest chapter in the history of the house began a few months after Jane’s passing. She left the house to her Manners Golden Rule Foundation. It was decided to open the home to the community so that it might serve as a place where serious discussions and presentations take place involving groups and individuals who are dedicated to sharing ideas and building understanding with the hope of making the city and the world a better place. Its use has increased dramatically as the months have passed since its inception. It has held various types of gatherings addressing such important issues as nuclear disarmament, nuclear and toxic waste, health care, world refugees, poverty, education, energy, religion, Middle East peace, and civil rights to name a few. The list goes on and continues to grow. It has been the home for guest speakers from around the world.

Our purpose is to help meet those needs by building a spirit of caring, connected community, and brotherhood /sisterhood in families, communities and nations around the globe; by inspiring individuals to reach for the highest and the best that is within each of us.