Jane's Home 

1229 E. South Temple Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
United States

Phone: 801-244-7596


Jane purchased the Terry house at 1229 East South Temple in 1987, when she was seventy years old. It was not being lived in at the time and was suffering from years of neglect. With a keen sense of purpose, Jane began its restoration. She was on the site every day, collaborating closely with the architect, construction crew, craftspeople, and artists on the smallest details; insuring that the splendor of the home could be appreciated and utilized for decades to come. She was well aware of the importance of the task.

Jane made this house her home until her death on November 10, 2008.  The home’s magnificence and stateliness is obvious to anyone passing by but inside, at the heart of it, like the heart of Jane, there resides humility and grace, always reaching out to welcome, to help, to give warmth and comfort and most of all
to listen.

It has been preserved for generations to come. It enters this new phase of its history as perhaps a home for all of us where we might dedicate ourselves and work hard to try to listen and understand and hopefully begin to solve some of the pressing issues facing us today as world citizens.

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