Recap on the Parliament of the World's Religions 2018

Wow, what a week!

We are so happy, and consider ourselves so lucky to have met so many of you during this Parliament. The connections, conversations, and ideas on how to spread kindness in the world were invigorating, as well as motivational, knowing that there are other’s trying to accomplish the same goal. Now we get to partner up and tackle issues together!

The plenaries were full of content to absorb, the people felt vibrant and full of love, and our sessions and panels turned out to be wonderful moments for us and our audiences. The Golden Rule is Magic, isn’t it!?

We ended up collecting 33 stories on
how people live by the Golden Rule.

(All photos available to download in our facebook album HERE)

202 acts of kindness were performed
thanks to our Kindness Chain.

And over 100 signatures to our Pledge~Petition~Proclamation!

None of these things would have happened, had we not had the amazing and inspiring conversations we had with you all.

We hope to keep in touch with everyone we met. We hope to create lasting partnerships that will allow us to spread the principles of the Golden Rule around the globe! Because we all need this message, and we know there are so many other organizations and institutions around the world with the same goal of bringing more love, compassion, and civility between us all.

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Much love, from Susan and Felipe, the Golden Rule Project Team.