"Attention, Magic, and the Golden Rule" reaches 100,000 students since first assembly in 2013!

Golden Rule Project, together with Steffan Soule, the Golden Rule Magician, finished our February 2019 tour and this time we were able to accomplish some incredible milestones!

First milestone accomplished was that we visited Daggett County for the first time! We were able to bring the “Attention, Magic, and the Golden Rule” magic assembly to Flaming Gorge Elementary School in Dutch John, UT and Manila Elementary and Junior High School in Manila, UT as well as whoever else that lived in the area, and wanted to come see the show. We had an incredible time connecting with the community by bringing the message of the Golden Rule to them. We were lucky to be in such beautiful country, too.

We asked some of the teachers and principals right after watching the assembly their thoughts about the presentation. Here’s what they have to say:

Golden Rule Project visited Flaming Gorge in Dutch John, UT and Manila Elementary in Manila, Dagget County. We asked some staff members what they thought of the assembly and if they would recommend it to other schools. See what they have to say!

The magic assembly was performed 18 times this tour!

Most schools were along the Wasatch Front, but we are always looking to bring the assembly to more rural counties like Daggett! So please, help us out to spread the message of the Golden Rule far and wide!

The second milestone for the GRP magic assembly is that after this tour, over 100,000 students have been reminded of the Golden Rule by watching “Attention, Magic, and the Golden Rule”.
We want to thank every school that has ever hosted the magic assembly since 2013!

Since 2013, the magic assembly has been in 18 counties in Utah, 2 states: Utah and Maine, has been seen by over 100,000 students!

We thank the many foundations that have supported the assembly through the years by awarding Golden Rule Project grants to make this possible! Thank you!

We will bring Steffan Soule back to Utah in October of 2019. If you or someone you know might be interested on having the magic assembly at their school (in Utah), please Contact us! Especially if it is in more rural areas in Utah.